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October 2009
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I've got personals up everywhere. So I thought I would put one on my journal also.

About me:
I'm a 28 year old divorced and single white bisexual Gothic BBW. I have no children. No pets at the moment. I live alone. I like horror/sci-fi/fantasy movies and cartoons. I like metal/goth/80's/classic rock/trip-hop/horror-punk music. I'm five foot six and a half. I'm very curvy. I'm a recluse and I don't leave my house much. I do like to go out to eat, Mexican, Seafood, or Asian, and to the cinema. I like taking drives and having midnight picnics. I like playing online games and chatting and emailing.

About what I'm looking for:

I'm looking for a girlfriend. I would like a girl who is not a smoker, alcohol drinker, or illegal drug-user. Ages 23-35. Plus-size is fine. Local or long-distance. I like chatting/emailing/and talking on the phone a lot. Would like a girl who doesn't have a child. Would be cool if she is into goth, metal, horror, and/or fantasy stuff and likes to dress up. Height doesn't matter. Being a homebody would be cool.

If your interested in getting to know me leave me a comment. I will reply to all.

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I've decided I need to wash all the living room and kitchen and laundry room curtains. It's gonna take all day. But that's okay. I'm gonna do other housework while they are washing and drying. I already did some stuff in my car. I also checked the mail. Gotta ship a box too. Sold an Elvira bobblehead on ebay. Still waiting payment on two items.

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Comment to be added to my friends list.


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